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    Apply for Installment Loans in Chicago

    Are you barely able to get by on your salary? Do you break out in a sweat every time a bill statement arrives in the mail? If you struggle financially, just fill out the online form for an installment loan in Chicago right now to get the cash you desperately need in just 24 hours after loan approval!

    Installment loans are a great option for individuals who seek a fast way to line their pockets with money without having to worry about repaying it all at once. We work with you to create a payment plan that fits your exact budget and time, so you never feel overwhelmed by monthly payments.

    We will seek out the best loan deals out there for you because we have an elaborate database of all the most up-to-date lender information. We are the premium choice for title lending in the state! Work with us to get personalized installment loans that cater to your individual lifestyle.

    What is an Installment Loan?

    Installment loans are flexible loans that allow you to borrow as much as you need at any given time - no matter how big or small the need is. If you need a loan to tide you over until you receive your regular check or if you need a large loan to finance some home repairs, an installment loan is perfect for you!

    The best part about this type of lending is that installment loans give you the leeway to pay your loan off with a schedule you are comfortable with by making small monthly payments instead of paying in one lump sum.

    This allows you to chip away at and pay off your loan in installments at a pace you can afford. If you either apply for a loan to make ends meet or to cover an emergency cost that came up, you should not be expected to pay it off entirely by your next paycheck. That would only add more stress to your already hectic routine.

    Our company makes it easier for you to budget out your loan payments because we understand how hard it can be to experience a financial slump - we have all been through it, too! We are flexible with your loan payments, so just complete the 3-step application found on every page of this site to get started and speak with a title loan expert about one of our installment loans.

    Title Loans at Affordable Interest Rates

    The type of installment loans that our company offers are title loans. Our car title loan company is the best in the industry because we strive to ensure that our borrowers are completely satisfied with their loan terms. It would make no sense for us to add more burdens to your plate when you are already going through a difficult time.

    These are a list of the perks you can expect to get when doing business with us:

    • Apply for a loan in 3 steps
    • Free estimate for applying
    • No credit checks whatsoever
    • Affordable interest rates
    • Flexible payment plans
    • Keep driving your car

    We have completely eliminated the need for a credit check from our application because car title loans do not require one. Your loan will be backed by the title of your vehicle instead, and the amount of money that you are qualified to borrow is based directly on the value of your vehicle. This enables you to be eligible for a loan even if you have a bad, low, or nonexistent credit rating! In fact, title lenders are more inclined to offer you installment loans with flexible payment plans and low interest rates when they have something to fall back on.

    We just need to hold onto the car title while you make your monthly installments, but you will get your title back as soon as you make your final payment. You will be able to keep your car and drive it anywhere you like for the duration of the loan though - how great is that?

    Fill out the online application for installment loans in Chicago now - it doesn't cost you a cent to try and we offer free estimates! What does it hurt to try and see how we can help you move ahead in life?