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    Fast Cash Loans in Illinois

    Do you have an internet connection and a paid off car? You're about to be introduced to the loan deal that will blow you away. There is no lending option that offers a free application, zero credit checks, instant approval and will hand you paper money in one day. No other option that is, except for title loans. Illinois title loans are your ticket away from the world of headaches and financial stress. You're about to experience a new way of living, complete with bills paid and cash to spare.

    Are you curious about online title loans in Illinois? We will tell you exactly how they work and remove all the uncertainty from your mind. First, you pay off your car completely. Already done that? Great. Next, you apply online using the short form found on this website. You explain what type of car you own, the make, model, style and mileage. We also might want to know the general condition of the vehicle. We call you or text you almost immediately with a quote. We base the amount of your title loan on the equity in your car. The better the car, the more cash you'll get.

    After you figure out which Illinois title loan you want, since you'll have way more than one option, you tell us when you want to get the cash. We can get everything finalized and the money ready in one day. You drive over to the closest office in Illinois and give us your car title. Trust us, we've got so many locations, you'll be shocked to see how many in your neighborhood. It's just another way we try to make the process convenient and painless for our applicants.

    You walk out with money and get back into your car and drive away. Yes, you keep using your vehicle. All you have to give up is the title, and even that's only temporary. Depending on how long of a title loan repayment schedule you agree to, you get the title back in a few weeks, months or years - as soon as you submit the last payment. That's how an Illinois title loan works, in a nutshell. Now let's talk details. How do you get approved?

    Do You Know How to Get Title Loans in Illinois?

    As we mentioned before, there's one very central part of title loan approval: a paid-off, lien-free car. You must have cleared the original lienholder's note and own your car outright. You also need to have the title in your possession and the name on your government-issued ID has to match the name listed under "owner" on your title. That's literally all we need to get you approved. You don't have to make a certain amount of money and you don't have to boast about your perfect credit score. You just need a paid-off car.

    After you give us info on the basics and get pre-approved, we might require the following documents to back it all up:

    1. A copy of your latest pay stub
    2. A few official references
    3. Proof of address

    Now, let's be clear here. You don't have to necessarily have a job. We work with clients every day who have been laid off and feel like the bad luck just won't stop. We're happy to be the end of that unlucky streak though, and tell you if you're unemployed you are still eligible for title loans in Illinois. We'll work with you and whatever cash flow you have, no matter how small. We can count benefits from unemployment or disability, sometimes even child support income in your favor. We'll match the Illinois title loan to you, not the other way around. There's many options and we'll find the one that works with any type of budget.

    Why Would an Illinois Title Loan Be a Smart Move?

    The main reason title loans in Illinois are the best borrowing option is because of their flexibility. Everyone has a different amount they can afford to repay each month. If you want a loan that can be stretched out over a long period of time to put less stress on your budget, then an Illinois title loan is perfect for you. While payday loans might be more common, car title loans in Illinois are starting to overtake them and grow in popularity for that very reason. Getting lots of cash is great, but having to pay it back in just a few weeks time or face astronomical charges? Not so great. Car title loans give you the giant pile of cash without the high fees and interest charges - and short repayment windows - that many payday loan borrowers suffer through.

    What Does Our Team Have to Offer?

    Have you ever been faced with a major financial decision and wished you had someone who had "been there, done that" to ask for advice? That's exactly what we offer our applicants. While we speed through the application and approval process so that cash delivery can happen in 24 hours, making our clients' lives less stressful, we don't want you to blindly sign onto a loan you don't understand. How do we explain complicated loan terms quickly?

    It's simple. Experience. We've been doing this for a long time. We not only know what you're looking for, specifically concerning title loan benefits like longer payment plans and lower interest rates, but we also know which loan terms cause confusion among our client base. The terminology used in the world of Illinois title loans isn't used in everyday speak. We get that, and we know how to break down all the concepts and terms so that you're fully aware of all that's required of you when you agree to a title loan. The title loan itself helps, because it's not a very complicated type of loan. It's safe, secure and straightforward, making it a popular option among savvy borrowers such as yourself.

    We also pay attention to our clients not only before they receive their Illinois title loan cash, but afterwards as well. If you're struggling to make your payment or you need a confusing subject cleared up, you can give us a call and we'll take care of the issue. We truly mean it when we say we're there for you every step of the way. We really do mean every step - until the last payment is complete and you get your car title back safe and sound. Get started on your application today and you definitely won't regret it.